The project « THE INCREDIBLE CITIZENS » (LIC) was born out of the awareness
of Mata-Malam’s members of the young citizens’ desire to feel closer to their
own society. A skepticism is there, made of misunderstood examples. Brexit.
Rises of nationalisms. Exclusion of refugees. Emergency state. Difficult feelings
on the part of young people not to be able to act or to express their opinions
within a Europe in which some of them feel lost. The political world seems far
away; Participating in the community, expressing oneself, influencing the future
of one’s own destiny, these are many fields of possibilities that LIC proposes to
re-examine positively.


Structured dialogue project, LIC aims to express, debate, understand, share and
Involving partners from New Aquitaine, Normandy and Emilia Romagna in Italy
(twinned with Aquitaine) offers a space for mutual enrichment between
« neighboring » citizens. To open up, to deepen and to develop the existing
relations between close european ones, makes it possible to extend the space of
opening and to remove the temptations of selfishness and withdrawal.


LIC is a political, creative and participative space, so that each young person met
has the opportunity to better understand Europe and its openings and is
committed to it, contributes to it from the realization of the project and
5 places, 4 highlights, 4 complete actions, 200 participants expected,
representative of a mosaic youth.
In each place, the action takes place over 4 days -2 days of training, meetings,
workshops, 2 days of construction and participative public feedback-with
ramifications of research and dissemination upstream and downstream of this
Via the network, knowledge and methods of transmission, the partners offer to
young people, testimonies and explanations on the bases of the European
construction and its functioning.


2 major themes are debated:
– Democratic commitment and individual responsibility; « My incredible Europe?:
at my level, how do I participate? »
– individual and collective boundaries (openness to others); Migration shaping
the new European face
For young people, transmitters of innovative ideas, they will gather information
and convey their thoughts: via the meeting with local policy makers, the project
serves the young people’s desire to bring their voices to the local, national,
European policy makers..
A playful and practical training period in which theater, singing and video are the
vehicules of sharing, will frame the meeting, stimulating creativity to bring into
play a reflection on the European Union and to restore it to the community via a
creative public event, a gathering mix of debate, conference and artistic
performance, an innovative form, like these young people.
This public event will be transmitted on a virtual collaborative logbook
aggregating new information during and after the project.
At each stage, the young rapporteurs / reporters will take care of videos and
texts to post and send to European and local targeted policy makers.
A collection of ideas and proposals from LIC, translated into English and italian,
will be sent to these officials and shared by all our partners.
Short videos and final synthesis film will be freely accessible on all the
partners,’digital media , systematically dedicating a page of their tree to LIC.


Through the exercise of debate and co-construction (public event, video
reporting), young people will gain skills and knowledge about the European
Union and the democratic process, which has an impact on policies.
The partners will deploy their forces and networks and the territory will benefit
from this contribution of high visibility activity.
The elected representatives will be closer and aware of the citizens’ ideas of


The main objectives of LIC:
-open to the other by opening to oneself
– to deepen one’s own reflection, to value it by expressing it and supplementing it
with collective intelligence
– develop self-confidence to be able to position oneself
-contribute to the community by offering its soft skills
– foster a « practice » of active citizenship among young people and elected
-create the desire to take part in a deliberation, a reflection through an artistic
practice to be able to get involved in this Incredible Europe! via the political
decision-makers to which these young people return their ideas.
That young people appropriate their European society in order to build it
according to their ideals and not according to their fears.
-that policy makers should be attentive to the needs and solutions of youth
We believe that the creative and playful aspect is stimulating for thought; The
« better live », the « better being « goes with the pleasure.
The seriousness of the public thing (res publica) is conjugated with the joy of a
thought in becoming, in movement, as this European youth.



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